Wasabi Networks Exhibits at Danish Homeland Security Conference 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark, August, 2019 – Wasabi Networks are exhibiting at the Homeland Security Conference hosted by CenSec – the national community of companies for Defence, Space og Security Solutions  – in Fredericia on August 28-29, 2019

As part of the annual Danish Security Fair, Wasabi Networks is exhibiting at the CenSec booth 3130C.

Information about the conference is found here: Danish Homeland Security Conference 2019

At the conference and the exhibition, Wasabi Networks promotes its NTA product line, which is excellent for:

  • Network Visibility

  • Network Recording

  • Incident Response

  • Threat Hunting 

  • Forensics 

  • Investigation 

  • Attack Scenarios 

The NTA product range is essential for network infrastructure owners in monitoring, testing, learning and securing what is going on with the most critical parts of their networks. The NTA feature set can help diagnose breaches and Cyber Attacks quickly, and minimise the time to recovery of systems and network services. 

Furthermore, by having a precise recording of the attack scenarios, it is easy to verify that the measures taken to mitigate the attack are effective. The attack traffic can be “replayed” any number of times against the infrastructure thereby hardening the network infrastructure.

The Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) products can perform full packet capture, record, analyze, and transmit network traffic at line rate up to 100Gbps without packet loss. The products are available with many storage options, and a disk capacity up to 6.5 PB. All models features detailed protocol and bi-directional traffic flow analysis capabilities, as well as the ability to export data in PCAP file format for other purposes using external tools.

About Wasabi Networks: 

Wasabi Networks is an innovative company focused on delivering high performance network capture, storage, analysis, test and security solutions for companies that are cost-conscious, but will not compromise on quality and performance. The solutions from Wasabi Networks are being used to monitor, troubleshoot and optimize networking infrastructure and devices for performance, and to deliver insight and learning to defend against Cybersecurity attacks.


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