Wasabi Networks Announces Stig Bang as new CSO

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, February 21, 2019 / — Wasabi Networks announces Stig Bang as new Chief Sales Officer to take the responsibility for developing new business and increase the market focus for Wasabi Networks’ innovative network products. Stig Bang has an engineering background, and has had a long career in telecom infrastructure, mobile devices, and IP networking industries. He has held management positions at Ericsson, as well as sales leadership roles at Microcell, Flextronics, and Napatech. Stig Bang comes from Napatech, where he was Director of Product Management for Hardware products.

“I am excited to join Wasabi Networks with it’s cutting edge technology, solid products and world-class network expertise”, says Stig Bang. “The Wasabi Networks product range fulfils the needs for most companies that need to understand and test the performance and security of their networks, even at the highest network speeds. I am looking forward to discuss how our unique capabilities can help our customers improve and secure their networks, without breaking their budget.”

Jens Christophersen, CEO of Wasabi Networks, says: “I am proud to have Stig Bang at the helm for all customer-facing activities. Stig brings more than 25 years of tech industry experience, including 11 years at the last company I founded: Napatech. With Stig as CSO, I am confident that he will drive new business and help a lot of new clients with how to gain more visibility and insight into their network infrastructure. As we are bringing out new features and capabilities to our portfolio at a rapid pace, Stig’s experience from both Sales and Product Management is invaluable in ensuring successful alignment with customer goals.”

“Wasabi Networks is on an ambitious mission to break the traditional price-performance ratio with our products, by providing 100% Line Rate performance, with just the right features at just the right price, so that most customers will enjoy the benefits we deliver without breaking the bank”, says Jens Christophersen. “Stig will lead the dialogue with major customers who want to influence the future of our products, and thereby get ahead of the curve on the rest of the market. Customer-centric innovation will always be at the center of our activities.”

About Wasabi Networks:

Wasabi Networks is an innovative company focused on delivering high performance network capture, storage, analysis, test and security solutions for companies that are cost-conscious, but will not compromise on quality and performance. The solutions from Wasabi Networks are being used to monitor, troubleshoot and optimize networking infrastructure and devices for performance, and to deliver insight and learning to defend against Cybersecurity attacks.