Wasabi Networks Introduces their 20G Portable Network Traffic Analysis Product
Palo Alto, CA, US, August 29, 2017 – Wasabi Networks that they are releasing their new 20G Portable Network Traffic Analysis product. The new Portable NTA20-P is capable of full packet capture on 2 x 10Gb ports without any Packet loss.

The Portable NTA (Network Traffic Analyzer) product can capture, record and analyze network traffic at 20Gb/s. Disk capacity is from 8TB to 32TB. Detailed protocol and bi-directional traffic flow analysis can be performed on captured packets. Captured network traffic can also be exported in PCAP file format for other purposes using external tools.

The 20 Gbps Portable NTA is designed to be used anywhere networks needs to be tested and in multiple geographic locations. Ease of portability with full NTA Capture feature set is supported.

Highlights of the 2x10G Portable NTA Capture product

  • Network Traffic capture up 20Gb with Zero Packet Loss
  • Complete Network Monitoring, Analysis and Packet Capture solution
  • Easy to use WEB GUI for Dashboard, Analysis, Management and Configuration
  • Live Dashboard to view captured packet statistics and recording performance
  • Search, retrieve and export captured Network Traffic in PCAP format
  • Includes wheeled carrying case for ease of mobility

The NTA product range can assist in learning, testing, understanding and monitoring what is going on with the most critical parts of an organizations infrastructure. The NTA feature set can help diagnose problems quickly and ensure uptime of customer facing web pages or services. This is of critical importance to all businesses in the new sharing economy.

About Wasabi Networks: Wasabi Networks develops and markets advanced network monitoring, analysis and packet capture & replay appliances with a focus on cost competitive prices and an easy to use feature set. Wasabi Networks is founded by Jens Christophersen and Thomas Jorgensen. They previously founded the world’s leading Intelligent Network Capture Adapter Company, Napatech.