Wasabi Networks Introduces  4x10G Network Traffic Analysis Products

Copenhagen, Denmark, February 25, 2019 – Wasabi Networks are releasing new 4x10G Network Traffic Analyzer products, both as rack-mountable servers models and as portable models.

The Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) products can perform full packet capture, record and analyze network traffic at 4x10Gb/s at line rate without packet loss. The new products are available with many storage options, and a disk capacity is from 4 TB to 432 TB depending on model. All models features the familiar detailed protocol and bi-directional traffic flow analysis capabilities found in the 2x10G NTA models, as well as the ability to export data in PCAP file format for other purposes using external tools.

Highlights of the 4x10G Portable NTA product line:

  • Network Traffic capture and analysis at up 4×10 Gbps with Zero Packet Loss

  • Complete Network Monitoring, Analysis and Packet Capture solution

  • Protocol decoding and smart filtering

  • Easy-to-use web GUI for Dashboard, Analysis, Management and Configuration

  • Live Dashboard to view captured packet statistics and recording performance

  • Simultaneous write-to-disk and search, retrieve and extract data at the same time

  • Export captured Network Traffic in PCAP format

  • API for 3rd party integration

The NTA product range is essential for network infrastructure owners in monitoring, testing, learning and securing what is going on with the most critical parts of their networks. The NTA feature set can help diagnose problems quickly and ensure uptime and recovery of customer facing network services. This is of critical importance to all businesses in today’s digitally enabled world.

Increasing the number of network ports from 2 to 4 is important for use cases where customers want to monitor a pair of redundant links, which is often the case for telco/carrier world”, says Stig Bang, CSO at Wasabi Networks. “Also, a popular use case is monitoring ingress and egress ports at a particular network element or network segment. Capturing both sides of the traffic in the same NTA system enables better correlation analysis, detection of anomalies, and potential misconfiguration of the network element”, Stig Bang continues.

It is important to know that we have not just added a couple of extra ports, as it is often seen for some other vendors, the system throughput is actually doubled from 20Gbps to 40Gbps so that all the features of the system continues to perform at full line rate”, Stig Bang concludes.

About Wasabi Networks: 

Wasabi Networks is an innovative company focused on delivering high performance network capture, storage, analysis, test and security solutions for companies that are cost-conscious, but will not compromise on quality and performance. The solutions from Wasabi Networks are being used to monitor, troubleshoot and optimize networking infrastructure and devices for performance, and to deliver insight and learning to defend against Cybersecurity attacks.


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