Rediscover Your Network

Record - Retrieve - Research - Replay - Redefine

Introducing the Wasabi Networks NTA advanced network recording solution that provides a 100% accurate copy of what really goes on in your network

From Terabytes to Petabytes capacity, from 1 bps to 100 Gbps speeds and with ultra-fast search capabilities, you get the answers you are looking for from any network infrastructure

Empower your IT expert staff and/or your AI/ML solutions with just the right data they need, or replay worst-case network scenarios to see if your infrastructure can cope


Understand what is really going on in your network and take timely action in order to avoid costly problems


Learn how the incident happened, whatever that hit you. This knowledge is the best way to find out how to clean it up and prevent it from happening again


If your networks is not performing, your business suffers. The trickier the problem, the deeper you need to look

Use Cases

Wasabi Networks NTA powers a wide range of use cases, from Threat Hunting to Tech Support, all centered around providing accurate, timely and manageable network information.


Dive into the powerful feature set of the Wasabi Networks NTA and discover how the NTA solution can serve your specific needs.



The Wasabi Networks NTA is available as a portable solution or at rack scale – and anything in between. Explore the solutions that suit your connectivity, storage capacity, rack space and budget requirements.

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