100G Network Recording & Search


A Full Packet Capture (FPC) network recording engine that scales from 1G to 100G+ and can leverage spinning disks cost-efficiently as main storage and SSDs as burst storage. 

Before recording, all traffic is protocol decoded and indexed which enables ultra fast search for network data.

Based on commodity hardware components and accessed through a REST API.

Handles Petabytes of storage giving days/weeks/months of retention time.

No need to change existing solutions

You can keep using your domain specific applications even at the highest nework speeds – get the right data at the right pace

Integrated OEM or stand-alone solutions

The built-in API enables full control of our solution as a stand-alone Recording/Search engine, with the option to integrate it into your own OEM solution

Save 80% on storage costs

Use spinning disks (HDD) even at 100G speeds and get 5x the retention time for the same budget, compared to SSDs. Get long retention times without breaking the bank

Use Cases

Wasabi Networks NTA powers a wide range of use cases, from Threat Hunting to Tech Support, all centered around providing accurate, timely and manageable network information.


Dive into the powerful feature set of the Wasabi Networks NTA and discover how the NTA solution can serve your specific needs.



The Wasabi Networks NTA is available as a portable solution or at rack scale. Explore configurations that suit your connectivity, storage capacity, rack space and budget requirements.

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