About Wasabi Networks

Wasabi Networks allows companies to fully understand what goes on in their network. As a foundation for cybersecurity and for ensuring network performance, Wasabi Networks provides 100% network visibility and long-term network traffic history to make sure that SecOps/NetOps have all the data needed to take action.

The focus is on providing exactly the right information needed – fast – to speed up understanding and ensure effective resolution of security and performance issues, and prevent them from reoccurring.

The key is not just understanding what happened, but also why, and providing this insight at a price point where there is no excuse not having all the answers.

The Wasabi Networks NTA Solutions

Wasabi specializes in providing highly scalable, always-on solutions that can record network traffic at speeds from 1Gbps up to 100Gbps and at volumes up to Petabytes of storage. As all network traffic is always “on record”, the system contains an exact copy of all performance issues, all network attacks, and all network activity back in time – before, during, and after such incidents (as long as storage allows).

The solutions are purposely built on readily available COTS servers and storage components, in order to provide maximum flexibility at the lowest possible cost.

Data can be searched and accessed on-the-fly through a Web-GUI, or by 3rd party solutions through an API. A sophisticated queuing and scheduling mechanism allows teams of experts sharing searches and search results interactively, to quickly zoom in on issues. 3rd party solutions can use the system as a high-speed front-end, where network traffic can be filtered and extracted for post-analysis, anomali detection, and trend-predictions by such solutions.

The History Behind Wasabi Networks

The founders of Wasabi Networks have a background in high-speed packet capture solutions, with a focus on line-rate, real-time packet processing of traffic up to 100Gbps. Armed with the knowledge and experience of handling all aspects of lossless capture, nanosecond time stamping, kernel bypass multicore packet processing, the vision was to take protocol decoding to a new level while at the same time adding the ability to “freeze time” allowing the users to study the traffic at their own pace.

As traditional network analysis solutions are designed to provide results in real time, compromises must be made as to how much processing that can be done per packet on high-speed network traffic, without the cost of processing power becomes unreasonable.

Most of the time the user is only interested at either monitoring all the traffic (requiring relatively shallow packet processing), or analyzing a sub-set of the traffic (often requiring CPU-intensive and costly Deep Packet Inspection – DPI).

Wasabi Networks set out to deliver something in the middle, putting skilled users in the driver’s seat to answer the question why the network behaves the way it does.

Wasabi Networks is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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