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Interview Network Solutions specializes in providing detailed monitoring, analysis. and reporting of all operational parameters in modern complex networks, from long-term Service Level Agreement (SLA) reporting down to an individual connection trace.

The extensive experience of troubleshooting complex network installations have resulted in an advanced suite of applications that benefit all levels of the organisation, from the expert network engineer to executives.

Being able to track and verify SLA-parameters on a business level, correlate performance incidents to individual network services, and performing a drill down to discover the root cause is the hallmark of Interview Network Solutions.

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The Partnership Solution

The suite of applications provided by Interview Network Solutions are sophisticated, and analyses every detail of the network traffic that can impact the performance of the network.

With the right input, thresholds for the expected performance of network services can be set in the interTrace application, which will then monitor and report on network performance incidents that violates the thresholds that the interTrace user have defined in the system. Such incidents and events can then be forwarded to collection and reporting applications, such as SLIC, the SLA reporting application from Interview Network Solutions.

For traffic intensive high-speed networks this becomes a processing intensive task, as individual packets identified as important to the performance of the network must be identified and analyzed.

First of all, it is far from all the traffic on the network link being monitored that is of interest. And just filtering out all the irrelevant traffic accurately, and with no loss of data of interest, is challenging for most applications. Secondly, while the analysis of the traffic may be performed in real time, the root cause behind any performance issues detected always happened before the effect was seen. With the entire network traffic readily available in the Wasabi Networks NTA, the interTrace user can therefore request a search by the Wasabi Networks NTA for the network traffic leading up to the performance incident, in order to identify the root cause.

The Wasabi Networks NTA thus act as both a high-speed loss-less pre-filtering front end for the Interview Networks interTrace application, and as a restrospective source of network data leading up to any given issue detected.

With this combined solution, the user gets:

  • Continuous monitoring of network segments
  • User-customizable metrics for long time monitoring
  • Deep packet analysis of protocols and packet content
  • Incident recognition and alerting
  • Root cause detection capabilities
  • Executive level SLA compliance reporting

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